Role Of Mother In Setting The Educational Platform

A mother plays a key role in the early childhood development program, whereby it does not teaches a child as the way to talk, interact, and play but enhance and improve the behavior of a child. It is, therefore, Mother Child Education Program could run as a home-based program and it could carry out within 24-hours a day. Thus, it could better empower a child when a mother teaches, as well as give confidence to learn and seek more new things and aspects. It is the mother that recognized several surrounding things and objects to a child, like different animals, flowers, plants, or the other different non-living objects. It has once said that an educated mother generates and fosters an educated nation. A major reason is the improvement of behavior of a child that sets out a distinctive parameter as what is wrong and what is right. There is an important fact discovered that when a mother educates a child then it could help enhance cognitive, emotional, motor and social skill development. Even across several remote areas, like in Columbia, where there is a lack of accessibility towards education, if mothers are educated, they used to teach their child, up to a significant level. Across different areas, where there is a lack of availability to get access to proper education to a child or deficiency of transportation, there could run low-cost home-based programs for mothers. In this way, mothers could provide proper education to their child at their home.

A proper education provided to a child, from a mother, assist in nurturing the mindset of a child, helps develop a healthy environment in a home. It then promotes self-sustaining growth and changes in the lifestyle and living pattern of a child. There exists a fact that in the development of a child, both parents play a key role. However, mother specifically plays its part due to spending a significant portion of time with the child. It is, therefore, a mother could better keep control and monitor the whole-day activities of its child, thus develop tactics to improve it. It is the responsibility of a mother to set out separate timings for its child, to play, read and learn as well as for the other useful activities. Otherwise, it would create deficiencies in a child as unable to manage its time, in the long run, and faced so many physical and psychological problems. For example, children usually faced anxiety or stress due to the inability to complete their course on time, thus become unable to achieve good grades. Also, those mothers who do not pay attention to the education of their child, such the children may move towards any negative direction, like involve in several small to high level of criminal activities, or distract the whole society through their irresponsible attitude. It is, therefore, mothers have to pay a significant attention to deal with all of the circumstances, faced by a child within the whole life.

A mother does not only play role in setting out an education platform for a child, at home, but at the other places too. For example, a mother gives confidence to a child to go to school, interact with fellows, and teachers, and move ahead towards success. Otherwise, if the home environment of a child does not god and healthy then it continuously distracts the education, in school too. Such the child would not feel confident, as well as unable to learn, efficiently, due to unable to develop concentration or avoid through the mental distraction. It is important for a mother to understand the linkage between the home and school environment of a child. A child learns better about the language, culture or beliefs and attitude applied in a society or community, through its mother. It is the mother that provides knowledge about the norms and behavior, applied in a specific community or those essential to live in a society. in this way, as a child grows, all those values and beliefs gets transform, and the child better able to evaluate and judge it, accordingly. Thus, such an education also becomes necessary for a child, to spend its life and adopt far better practices.

It could say that the education platform set out by a mother better facilitates a child to learn a wide variety of skills, improve behavioral competencies, and help in the overall growth of life, in the positive direction. It is important to set out home-based setting for the education of a child to get close to its education life, as well as personal and social life too. As a result, a child learns several different new skills and raise constructive characteristics that could not help in education, but personal, professional and social life too help in making life successful.

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