Most Emerging Technologies In 2018

In the globalized era, the competitiveness is the key attribute of almost all the facets of life, including the tremendous growth in the disruptive business world. The achievements are occurring, and the fast pace of the competitive growths are all associated with the rapid changes continuously occurring in the technological arena. The businesses for all the industries are viewing the use of the technologies as the emerging innovations for increasing the productivity, sales, and thus, the profitability streams. Besides, on the common grounds linked with the routine life management, the emerging technological trends are considered as the mainstream and the capacities to transform the lives. The major impacts of the clouding technology, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, etc., are some of the well-known and beneficial technological innovations, among all, some of the trending are discussed below:

Artificial Intelligence

The current era exhibits the incredibly growing use of the Artificial Intelligence in various types of the businesses. For example, referring to the real estate business, which is facing huge competition, it is identified that the use of the AI software has enabled the agents to identify the likely sellers. Besides, the paperwork, such as that of legal documentation and their storage has also resolved by intervening in the use of AI, with the benefit of maintaining the cost expenses at the low rates. Some of the well-known service providers including the Netflix, Google, or Amazon, etc., are the pioneered users of the Artificial Intelligence. The efficient use of the AI is that it brings the actual data-points together, increasing the chances of effective sales for the businesses; also providing cost-benefits to the buyers. Another use of AI is demonstrated by Google TensorFlow, which is engaging the use of an open-source AI library that can be used for the future innovations of the machines and the learning software.

3-D Metal Printing

The use of the 3-D printing, as the invention of the advanced technology, is present since years; however, in the recent times, its use has primarily grown, becoming the multi-purpose innovation of the technological arena. The recent invention of the 3-D metal printing has resulted in the delivering the potential benefits, such as lowering of the inventory management costs for the manufacturers. As, the use is simple, i.e. printing the required object at the accurate time; for example, printing the needed part to be replaced in an old car. Moreover, the technology is currently trending based on the perspective that it will conquer the factory based manufacturing of the objects, engaging the lighter, complex shapes, or the stronger parts to be printed. Besides, it is also observed that it provides the facility of providing the precise control in micro-structuring of the metal. The significant example is linked with the use of 3-D printing used by the globally ranked GE, using the technology for printing of its products parts in the aviation sector.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the major breakout and the trending technology in the current era, exhibiting its diverse uses in the multiple fields, such as in productions, workflows management, or the processes. It is expected that the IoT producers and the services suppliers will generate the potential sum of revenue, which will be around $300 billion. The IoT is beneficial for the development of the future technologies that will be used for the data collection and infrastructural developments to be considered by the companies. It is further identified that the use of the IoT data collection and storage is supporting the number of businesses to increase their value through addressing the customer discussions and the shared knowledge. The tech trend is growing due to the presence of the tiny sensors, which are usefully engaged in the routine lives, in the form of smartphones, the internet connections, the security services, etc. It is assumed that the IoT in the coming years will rule through outnumbering its innovations and the uses.

Use of Drones for Services

The drones were initially used for the shooting purposes or the criminal investigations and also engaged in the war zones. However, with the advancement of the technologies, the drones have now entered into the more positive image technological services provider, with meeting the time efficiencies. The global pizza chain Domino’s has initiated the use of drones for the pizza deliveries within the least possible time, making it efficient by engaging the low traffic routes and the efficient mapping system. Besides, there are almost 38 business types, for which the use of the drones is approved. The future indicates that the technology of the drones will remain the significant part of the small and the large businesses, while also maintaining its infrastructural image for the criminal behavior investigations or the military operational uses.

The Babel-fish Ear Buds

Google is continuously growing, creating the competitive and advanced technology apps for maintaining the efficient lifestyle. The innovative development of the Google’s $159 Pixel Buds, is the remarkable and trending product, which functions with the use of a real-time translator app and the smartphones and the Google-based apps and their services. It is perceived as the future-oriented intelligent communication device, which can be used between multiple languages. Besides, the product has also extended its Android and the iOS apps, making it convenient for the users to avoid the background noise and efficiently eliminate the communication barriers that are present at the global level.   


The use of the bionic technology is growing in terms of enhancing the human body activities, restoring the capacities for the physical movements. Besides, the use of the bionics also appears in the form of the elective augmentation, as the sensory apparatus for recovering the damages caused to the humans. For example, the retinal implants serve as useful for the human eye functioning, while the cochlear implants are significant for the ears replacements. Currently, it is the new technological topic extensively growing in the science fiction, becoming the realistic support for the humans, to consider the use of technologies in the multitude of ways.

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