E-learning Benefits That Can Help Students To Learn Faster

In this digital world, every field encourages the benefits of the internet. Similarly, academies are taking advantage of the internet by providing lectures online, giving reading material, providing a training session and preparing students to get more and more knowledge using the internet. Students are getting benefits from this kind of lectures because they want to make their studies easier. Ten benefits of fast learning through e-learning has discussed briefly:


Students don’t need to go to the educational institutions to attend classes. He can learn using modern technology such as cell phone, tablets and laptop at his home. They don’t need to spend money to reach to their institutions. In this way, students save money. Students thus, focus on their studies and learn faster.

Provide ease of learning

While studying, students are not able to fulfil their family responsibilities due to lack of time. It is now easy with e-learning that students can easily do whatever they want to do while learning. They can easily earn while studying.

Virtual universities provide opportunities for the students and they can take classes whenever they want. Students don’t have to waste their time during travel. Everything is present on the internet and available whenever they want.

Lessons deliver quickly

When we compare the traditional method of learning with e-learning it delivers quick lessons. The total time of e-learning reduces about 25% to 60% when compared to the traditional method of learning. There are some prime reasons due to which e-learning lessons take less time than the traditional method of lessons.

  • E-learning lessons do not students to come and sit after which lecture will start. It starts immediately and finishes in its time.
  • No destruction is caused during lecture. For instance, students may ask questions between classes in the traditional lesson. However, e-learning encourages asking questions after the session using e-mail.
  • The student defines and determines the speed of learning on his own. However, in a traditional classroom, we wait for the whole group that what is the progress of another student.
  • It saves time because the student does not need to reach the venue to attend the class.

Retention of student’s interest

This mode of e-learning is the students’ own choice. Student studies using technology that is favourite for the new generation. They are glued to the gadgets and want to study using their mobile phones. Hence, e-learning has provided the opportunity for students to learn through their favourite channel of study.

It is good for students to study according to their ease, without pressure. The study carried out with less pressure in the mind, last for a long time. When students learn with their self-interest and with their choice of study or study method, they feel pleasure.

Fast and easy access to the study material

Students want personalized, self-paced, mobile, relevant content. This demand of students is easily fulfilled by online mode of learning. Technology is the learning system of a new age. It helps students to spread knowledge by connecting and sharing. Students easily access the lecture slides using university portals.

Students can easily get lectures in the form of videos whenever they want to study. They do not have any time restriction.

Collaborative learning system

Another advantage of e-learning for the students is the sharing of knowledge. Today students use voice or video call applications and get connected with their friends. Hence, transfer of knowledge is very easy using the e-learning system. It is not necessary for a student to be present physically. They can make a call using common applications of voice or video calls such as Skype, IMO, Whatsapp, etc.

Lectures can be revising again and again

There is ease of access to the presentation slides that an instructor teaches in the classroom. It is also beneficial for a student who is not able to attend the lecture in class due to some reasons; he can get lecture slides from the university portal easily.

Lecture slides are also beneficial for the student who forgot anything from a lecture when preparing for the exams; he can re-open the lecture slides and instantly access information from it.

Updated content

Students get updated content using the internet. Students search for the theories and concepts, they have learnt in the classroom. They do not have any ambiguity that the content, they are reading has upgraded. Moreover, the content is easily available on the internet and the students to have access to the upgraded content.

Increased collaboration with the teacher as well as students

Technology plays the role of mediator when students learn through e-learning. Students can easily collaborate using the e-mail address of the teachers. Moreover, teachers also help students with the voice or video calls whenever students find any difficulty in their lessons.

Students can also get help from other students when they find difficulty in completing assignments and projects.

Self-process learning

E-learning is beneficial for the students because they select the field of study in which they find their interest. They set their timing according to their schedule. Students can be busy with their job. Hence, they do not find any obstacle in their job when they learn using the e-learning system. Students organize schedules according to their work, hence, the clash of interest and work cannot take place while studying. This absolutely adds to the learning process of the student.

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