Benefits Of Educating Senior Citizens About Technology

All around the globe the acceptance and the integration of the technology are viewed as the fundamental and the competitive feature to be engaged in the routine life for the practical and the social purpose. However, it is evaluated that in comparison to the age groups belonging to the young and the middle age category; the senior citizens are the late adopters of the technology and learning of features and the usage, either the practical or for the routine life socializing. Some of the reasons, which exhibits the learning and the use of the technology beneficial for the senior citizens are exhibited below:

Stimulation of the Mental and the Physical Health

(Delello & McWhorter, 2017), through his research identified that the practice of engaging the use of technology, such as playing games or using the social media channels, increases the working capacity of the brain. Although, it is perceived that the physical health is increased through the better management of the physical exercises. However, the use of the technology, specifically by the senior citizens, is of high benefit for the efficient growth of the mental capability. (Cotten et al., 2016), discovered that the senior citizen belonging to age group of 60 to 80 has resulted in the achievement of great mental health, exhibiting the improved memory, sequencing abilities, and the better at listening and paying attention.

Social Connectivity

(Leary & Baumeister, 2017), reported that the high percentage of the senior citizens usually live apart from their family and the friends that leads to the circumstances of isolated feeling to occur, which leads to the mental and the physical destruction. It is considered that letting the senior citizens get educated regarding the use of technology, either it’s the gaming world or the use of the gadgets for accessing the social arena, will primarily support them to maintain their connection with the loved ones and the covering of the communication gap will release the presence of the depressed feeling; overall, overcoming the emotional issues. The research of (Yao & Zhong, 2014), reported that the learning and usage of the technology drastically reduces the symptoms of depression; hence, the learning and the use of the technology by the senior citizens are considered the blessing for their healthy lifestyle and well-being.

The Integral Part of Daily Life

The use of the technology by the senior citizens is also identified to be supportive for retaining their positive attitude towards the critical consequences of life. The reason identified is that the old age group individuals are more prone to gather the online information and implement it in their routine life practices. For example, it is identified that the learning of the technology, has supported the senior citizens to continue with their self-employment, while the accessibility to the social media accounts or the e-readings has resulted in the continuity of the intellectual growth among the senior citizens, as explored by the research work of (Magsamen-Conrad et al., 2015). It is also identified that the benefits of learning and using the technology have let the senior age group contribute to their life expectancy to grow, with mentally and physically healthier lifespan.

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