6 Tips To Get Most Downloads For Your App

The most cost-effective way is the app store optimization which increases the number of installations.

In the present, the digitalization is the most opportunistic platform used for the growth of the business, involving the practice of advertising through various strategies. In relevance, the app optimization is considered as the most cost convenient method, resulting in the increase of the app downloads, exhibiting the following reasons:

The first rationale is that the strategy of the low price for the download, or promoting it free based on the implementation of the optimization strategy with adequate execution, will result in the number of free installations of the apps.

Besides, (Bilgihan, et al., 2016), reported that the number of the downloads for the app appears through the routine based general browsing of the search engines, as well as surfing the internet through engaging the increased use of the social media channels.

Some of the few tips to achieve the increased number of download are as follows:

The Selection of the Descriptive & Adequate Title

It is known the app name, and the icon are the first two things, which the customer views on the screen; thus, it is perceived that it should be descriptive and relevant. Besides, it is also appropriate to add the keywords for delivering the purpose and the knowledge associated with the app, like the keywords describing its usage. However, it is suggested that there should be no practice of overcrowding space, making it difficult to understand and read the specific information that actually needs to be transferred to the customers. Further, it is guided to ensure that the keywords should not overstuff the title, resulting in the rejection of the app.

Integration of the Situational Words & Influential Images

The situational words criteria are implemented through identifying the traffic flow for the downloading of the app. The company needs to identify the flow of the traffic, in relevance to the number of the times the app is downloaded. The rationale is that it indicates the competitive demand for the app. Thus, engaging the competitive keywords will be more appropriate for increasing downloads of the app. It is also identified that the use of the images also plays the effective role in downloading of the apps. The particular option provides the opportunity to showcase the design, or the steps for the usage of the app, which looks more convincing to the customers. However, it is suggested to always provide the localized content in the form of images or the screenshots, adopting the linguistic and the use of the acceptable visuals to display

Keep the Customer Up to Date through use of the Website

It is significant to keep the records of the number of downloads, or the number of the last visits occurred for the viewing of the app promotion and the provided feature. It supports in making the changes, which the customer behavior might reflect. In addition, it contributes to developing the updated version of the apps and supports in keeping the customers' update regarding the new features. Users are more likely to prefer the access for the website for gaining the valid and timely information.

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