The modern era is all about the growth and the preferred usage for the digital channels. The increase in the percentage of internet usage indicates the significance for the development of the combination of business and the mobile-based app launch. (InternetWorldStats, 2018), reported 54.4% of the entire world population is the internet user, indicating the potential percentage for the growth of the business. It is also observed that the growth of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) has grown due to the integration of the internet based portals, for offering, attracting, and communicating with the customers. In case, it is beneficial to capture the broader customer market share through reaching the customers through online availability of the business. Here are some of the reasons and the benefits for the business organizations, engaging the use of the app for the growth of the business.

The Visibility to the Broader Customer Market

(Statista, 2018), exhibits that per month usage of the mobile data traffic has reached 35 Exabyte per month and is expected to reach 49 Exabyte per month by 2021. It shows that the businesses through the development of the app gain the opportunity of being visible for the broader market share of the customer all the time. Here, most of the credit also goes to the human psyche, i.e. the unconscious and conscious state of mind is considered as the advantage for the company, as scrolling might lead to the purchase and the generation of the customer loyalty.

The Generated Value Provided to the Customer

The presence of the digitalization provides the benefit of generating the customer value, by involving the on-hand and the customized way of delivering information to the customer. Besides, the presence of the online portal (app) supports in continuing the innovative growth with focusing and considering on the customer collaboration that leads to the generation of multiple ideas. The optimized input is the increase in the number of downloads or the in-app purchases and the addition of the customer loyalty points, which holds the customer to return back for the future downloads and purchases.


Apps Helps in Building of the Brand Awareness

The digital app for the business is used as the source of advertisement for the customer through engaging the use of their technological gadgets. (Liu et al., 2017), mentioned that stylishly presenting the product is having the critical importance; yet, what really matters for the customers is the presence of the features and the benefits, which are in accordance to the customers’ adequate needs. Thus, building an app presents the interaction facility to the businesses for gaining and retaining the customer market. (Kumar et al., 2016), highlighted the concept as the effective frequency rule in the advertising field, which shows that the more you engage the customer, there is the increased chances of developing the substantial market value.

The Achievement of Competitive Advantage

The use of the online app provides the competitive modes for the business to grow, as being at the growth level, the company is able to promote their product and the services to the broader customer market share. It will provide your business with the competitive advantage, as there is the integration of the customized options for directly communicating with the customer and comparative to others, the significance of landing the on-hand information, which is considered as the value generation and forward-thinking approach for the growth of the business.

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