10 Apps And Tools To Make Your Small Business Better And Efficient


The contemporary era exhibits the growth and the expansion of the business, apart from the external growth and pressure, there is the continuous increase in the percentage of the paperwork when the organizational business grows. For example, the increase of the contractual, employment, operational, etc., paperwork. Thus, the use of the PandaDoc is presented as the document management platform, which provides the digital operation facilities for the procedural records to occur. It also provides the efficient storage and the solutions for data protection and the web-based accessibility of the stored records.


The use of the Evernote is for the business firms, which requires the level of critical organization, in terms of their daily productions; mainly, when there are the number of operations and are each of the department or the million are to be synchronized with each other. Thus, the use of the Evernote provides the synchronization benefit between the organization and the flow of work, letting the devices remain connected and engaging multiple people for sharing of the information; hence, increasing the chances of business optimization.

Scanner App

The business growth in the contemporary era is achieved by developing the network of the collaborative partners, which also involves the professionalism criteria and the exchange of forms and the documents, including the confidential notes. Here, the use of the Scanner App contributes in maintaining the professional flow of work through providing the feature of taking the photo, which is automatically adjusted with borders, format, shadow, etc., with an additional option of converting the file into PDF or JPEG or any other kind. It also includes the capturing of the multiple numbers of images.


Google Docs

The purpose of the Google Docs supports the creation, storage, and the sharing of the documents, through the cost and time convenient method among the multiple individuals or even the groups. The processing of the documents can be processed in different formats, including the spreadsheet, databases, presentations, application formats, etc. Moreover, it provides the benefit of real-time collaboration with the clients and the associated individuals.


It is known that LinkedIn along with the professional app for the employment, is also perceived as the marketing tool for the growth of the businesses in the professional arena. It exhibits the feature, which is similar to the HR practices of the job hunt, searching, recruitment, or selection. Also providing the ability of the individuals as well as businesses to expand their network through connection development and interactions.


It is the app which is used for the development and accessibility of the customized web tools, through taking advantage of the growth of application programming interfaces (APIs). It is the substantial set of tools and the protocols, which are used for the development of the different software. Also referred to as the mode of communication and contraction among the software tools and the commands.

Boomerang for Gmail

It is the tool, which supports in converting the Gmail account or the channel into the customer relationship management tool. Besides, also providing the facility of the task tracker. The purpose of the app is fundamental for the businesses, which needs to maintain their correspondence through emails, as it notifies the users about their emails and their responses, letting them define the accurate time and the reminder required to be generated. Thus, holding on to the information that needs to be focused for the completion of the business interaction cycle.


The digital era has although resulted in the decline of the complexity of losing the paperwork or letting go of the unattended information, which was of fundamental use. However, the use of the E-reader has provided the efficiency of prioritizing and consolidating the information, appropriate and in accordance with the reading preference and criteria of the individual. It also indicates the flow of the information is adequate, which in productivity perspective is beneficial for the growth of the business; besides, also maximizing the cognitive efficiencies of an individual.


The organizations have multiple working departments and thus the involvement of the number of tasks, there is the critical issues of task management software. Hence, the use of the Producteev system contributes to the efficient management of the multiple projects, providing the adequate follow-ups. It can also support in breaking down of the work progress and submitting the specific reviews of each of the stage of the project.


The fundamental use of the TweetDeck is associated with the social media-based marketing tool, which is still having the potential value in the current era. The use of the product is to provide the list of activities belonging to different accounts in the generated columns, making it easier to track and maintain the record. Besides, it provides the centralized view of the processes and the tasks performed.

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