Top 10 Instagram Model To Follow In 2019

Instagram is heaven for boys and girls alike. Girls can post their pictures and snaps, create hash tags and gain followers. Boys can follow well gifted women. Girls can learn different fashion tips and techniques from them. Boys can follow them. Girls can learn about latest trends and what is going to be next big thing in fashion. Boys can follow them.

Instagram is different other platforms as it is mainly based on visual content i.e. photos and videos and therefore it is the perfect place to gain followers and flaunting yourself. For the year 2019, you should know the top fashion girls to follow on Instagram:

Kendal Jenner:

Like many years, Kendal, the favorite Kardashian sister, remains at the top.

She is well known for her fashion outfits, make-ups. She has already done modeling for famous brands like Chanel, Marc, and Dolce & Gabbana.

You can follow her at: Kendal Jenner

Gigi Hadid:

One of the most beautiful Hadid sisters, Gigi is well known for her fashion trends, taste and modeling. She remains one of the most beautiful instagram user with constant increase in her followers.

You can follow her at: Gigi Hadid

Bella Hadid


Younger than Gigi, Bella compliments her sister in beauty, fashion, as well as fame. She has worked with different influencers and is known for her flawless beauty and fashion knowledge.

You can follow her at: Bella Hadid


Emily Ratajkowski:


If you have seen Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, especially the uncensored version, you might already know why Emily is famous. She is bold, beautiful and has endorsed many fashion and make-up products and brands. She is an icon.

You can follow her at:  Emily Ratajkowski


Sommer Ray:


She is young than most of us, yet she has carved her path in the fashion industry. She has the body to die for. Following her will give you heartache in your eyes.

You can follow her at: Sommer Ray

Adrana Lima:


She is the Victoria’s little secret who has starred in hundreds of shows. She is beautiful and has been highest paid model.

You can follow her at: Adrana Lima

Miranda Kerr


First ever Australian Victoria Secret model is always keen to share herself, as well as fashion knowledge with her followers.

You can follow her at: Miranda Kerr

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