Tired Of Searching Jobs? Tips For Job Search For International Students

Being friends with many international students for years, I have heard ‘cannot find job’, ‘looking for job’, ‘still looking for work’ so many times, that I finally decided to conduct a survey with my friends abroad to find out the basic tips and techniques that would allow potential and present  students with basic job hunt. Here I would like to mention that we are talking about Odd jobs, that a student would want to acquire during his academic years.

Job Search:

More than often, international students face a dilemma in regard to look for a job. My suggestion is to start from local Classifieds. Either digital newspapers or websites including GumTree, OLX, or any classifieds you can find. My preference is newspapers and local classified from the internet. It can provide you with an idea of what kind of jobs are available in your neighborhood. Nevertheless, nothing beats Social Media. There are hundreds of groups on Facebook that are made specifically for employers and potential employees. Be a part of those groups and TURN ON THE NOTIFICATION. With Facebook algorithm working, you may not see posts on the group and you may miss potential opportunity.

Expand Your Network:

People are known for company they keep. What I have learnt through the survey, most of international students have limited social circle, they do not have friends in universities, or neighborhood or in their religious gathering.  Utmost an international student, on an average may have 3 to 4 friends, with similar struggling phase. There are number of ways, go to mosque, go to church, or temple. Meet people there, you will probably find people from your own community who will be willing to help you. Similarly, social networking can also be used to expand your network. Solid network of people from your community or from Facebook can really help you in landing a potential job.


One of my friend situated in Australia, told me he had a three page resume, and he was still doing masters. This does not make sense. One page resume is enough to land you a job in restaurant, technical department, or in a café. Such employers are not interested in what you did last summer, or what you did two summers back. Be precise. Make one page resume. Make it simple and straightforward.

Social Networking:

Social networks can play a prominent role in finding a good job. Facebook and LinkedIn in my opinion are observed to be the best. However, students are observed to inconsistent in using their tools for their potential and finally get indulge in activities other than job hunt. Be professional on social media, look for things. Now days, everything is sold on social media.


I have not understood, however an individual is able to become an international student without English language proficiency. Same was with my friend. He somehow managed to get enrolled in a university in Auckland NZ, nevertheless, could not speak English. He faced so many issues, as he could not convince any employer about his technical or managerial skills. So, learn and develop communication skills. In this blog you would find so many articles about how to increase communication. Read them, and you will know.


It is better to prepare for interview. It reflects professionalism. No one would want to hire a waiter who is not professional. And if you fail, take that reason and develop necessary attributes and skills. Don’t be shy about accepting your weakness. It will help you grow.

In the end, I cannot emphasize it enough that being a student you need to learn to use social media. Digital platforms provide almost everything in your fingertips, yet youngsters find it a place to have fun, yet others are observed to get job, employment, and even real friends.

Ahsan Zaheer

Trying to be human.

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