Tips For Finding Student Accommodation

Being international students, few things never ever leave you. First is the submission deadline for writing tasks, second is job shift, and third is accommodation. These three elements are a regular in any international student’s life. If you are not one of them, then you are indeed one in thousand. We have already written so many times about assignments and research papers. We have already written about tips and techniques for finding the suitable job. However, the third element is a constant issue and I personally wanted to shed light on it.

Accommodation, it plays an important role in setting the life. Imagine you walking miles to school in mud, fighting laser throwing sharks and then passing through the dinosaurs to reach the school (This is how our parents went to school, right?).

Location and nearby facilities are important to consider before you accommodate yourself in any facility. However, reasons behind selecting an accommodation are many. Few of many objectives behind accommodation may be:

  • It should be near school, college, university
  • It should be near work place
  • It should be near city center
  • It should be near bus station

As students vary in terms of their approach, the reasons to select an accommodation facility also vary. A student may want to live nearby his university and will be willing to go extra mile to reach his workplace and vice versa. It is totally up to you to decide. I will be providing you basic tips and techniques to find suitable accommodation options.

Prioritize Your Needs:

Do you prefer university? Or work place? City center?  quite location? Prioritize yourself. You need to understand that until you can build your own house, you cannot have it all. You need to decide which things you want to be near. It will help you in narrowing your search filter. For example, I want to live nearby my workplace, so I will search by applying filter. However, in my opinion, the best place is the one that has reasonable commute to anyplace. For me, bus station and nearby mart is the main priority. Easy and reasonable commute to work and to university, I can afford. However, walking miles to reach to bus station, I cannot live with that. So, prioritize as per you needs and wants.

Plan Your Stay:

Many students make this common mistake. They do not budget and consequently they find themselves stuck, or under debt. With budgeting your stay I mean to say, let assume, you decide to rent an apartment for 200$ a week. In my opinion, you must at least have a three week rent in spare before you move in. why? You never know when your café shuts off? You will find it difficult to reach your job, or you may need to spend extra bugs to manage your life. While having rent for future weeks, you will have your mind free from the worry of paying rent.

Budgeted Stay:

I have friends who are fond of staying at expensive places. Why? I do not understand why? This is not your homeland, you have no relatives here, and you do not have many friends here? To whom you want to show off. Be in your limits. Stay in budget. If you are rich, then focus on your studies and leave your job. A good place to stay is that provides you with complete facilities, and is near to your prioritized locations.


For searching, the best method is to use word of mouth and local classified. The best method is to utilize Facebook. There are many student groups available on Facebook that are active. These groups include those who rent their properties and those who are looking for properties. Search on Facebook with simple keywords and you will find hundreds of groups. Post your requirement over there and regularly visits those groups and soon you will find your spot.

Make sure, you check everything before signing the contract. Once you decide on your spot, give some time to settle down. Get used to of things need time. Do not come with the argument the very next day, that I cannot live here, it is far. Let the dust settle down, you will also settle down. Be calm and let it flow. I hope you find this useful. You have any comments, you can leave them down here.

Ahsan Zaheer

Trying to be human.

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