The Existence Of Illuminati

As the title suggests, the word Illuminati is associated with the short-lived movement of the group that is founded in May 1776 by the professor Adam Weishaupt. It is the secret society where the member calls themselves as Perfectibilists. The interest in Illuminati nowadays has lasted as some of the people believe that it has continued long after the ban (Theodor) on the secret society. The people counted the members as the players in media, politics, and entertainment. Some of the theorists believe that the Illuminati is still in operation and confident that the iteration will be kept secret for an extended period.

Beginning with some facts, it has seen that the original Illuminati was formed in order to liberate humanity from different sources such as physical, spiritual, and mental bondage. The members are linked up to struggle against the inequality and corruption of the world. They used to identify and work on the opportunities in order to get changes in society. For instance, it is recently caught in France that distributed anti-monarchist tracts while provoking the French Revolution. The British Monarch has also banned the secret societies in all over the UK however, the influence of Illuminati continued well in the 20th century.

Moving on, the assumptions of the agency are helpful for the society. It helps to understand the actions of others while attributing towards the motives of the activities. It tends towards the significant challenges of society like corruption, oppression, and inequality. The community keeps on shifting the power from monarchies and religious to provide the tools for cooperation and profits for the needs of the individual. The internet also creates and shares the collaboration that reflects towards the emerging online culture. It includes information about the campaigning websites, alternative currencies, and funded projects of the secret societies.

The aim of the society is secrecy. They face inevitable persecution and sometimes can abandon their names in order to take refuge within the myriad of other society. They believe to work from the shadow and living on the counter-culture. Politically, it can be recognized to seek power that is called meritocracy. It means to base government on aptitude rather than the privilege. For religious attitudes, it advocates the natural spirituality to emerge in the children. The society seems great support of scientific methods in health matters whereas; some members are also gifted with natural healers.

Furthermore, it causes the primary cognitive mechanism that can offer completely understandable desires instead of pathological defects. The world seems confusing and complicated that is going to be clean with the disciplines like social science, economics, and international relations.  It requires more time, intelligence and education of the people. Therefore, the Illuminati help to restore the quicker and various ways of making the world comprehensible. Many videos and articles on social media provide evidence of the existence of Illuminati. Different authors worked to present evidence on survival with the symbols like Eye of Horus and the Pyramid (both appear on the American currency). The Illuminati influences over entertainment with the symbols that have proven its identity, existence, and involvement.

Since the Illuminati are still famous; it is easy for the authors and theorists to make their assumptions on the involvements. The book called Revelations also helps to understand the existence of Illuminati. Some of the internet theorists also claimed to provide the signs of so-called Aquarian Conspiracy after searching the song lyrics and album covers those reflecting the hidden messages and Illuminati signs. Illuminati are also considered as the favorite subject for Qanon Conspiracy Theory. It hosts different incidence from the sinking of Titanic to the secret CIA propaganda program in the 1950s. After the French Revolution, the theories began in order to define the Illuminati as the intellectual father of the revolution. Therefore, the myth of Illuminati is concerned with the idea of the New World Order that undergrounds the global government with the theorists who believe in controlling the world. 


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