Stress-A Significant Alarm For Students Or Common Health Problem

Involvement of students in the mobile phones; using games, social media and different news from the world make them away from the real world in which they live. They are not involved in healthy activities such as playing physical games, attending gatherings & parties and sleeping well. They are getting affected by their physical as well as their mental health due to the unhealthy routine.

Today’s students want to obtain good grades. They have a competition of grades with their fellows rather than getting knowledge from their studies. This is the reason that less application of the theories has found in the practical life of the students. However, the race of grades among students makes them sleep less and they just want to achieve good grades without understanding the subject. Hence, lack of sleep, the burden of studies and distance from the social life make them isolated and slowly guided towards mental sickness.

It is a critical situation for the students that they have to spend their entire life with physical and mental activeness. If they get mentally ill at the end of their graduation, then how will they get ahead with their career and how will they approach towards sustainability in their jobs? The rising stress level of students is destroying the youth. There are several other issues such as traffic, pollution and burden of their personal lives with which students can get stress.

Some symptoms of finding someone in stress are:

  • A person with the shaking any body part continuously is the major symptom of the stress.
  • If you find a person debating ever, it is the major symptom of the stress.
  • If you find a person do not pay attention to the daily routine, it is a symptom of stress (it can be a minor kind of stress).
  • If you find a person sad most of the time, it seems as he is under stress.
  • If you find an enthusiastic person who has changed into accepting failures soon, it is a depressed person.
  • If you feel a person who does not make efforts for striving towards his life, it is one of the symptoms of the depression.  
  • If you find a person helpless for the future, it is a minor symptom of stress but it may become major with the passage of time.
  • It is one of the major sign of depression that a person remains sitting in the similar position for hours and stares at a particular point for no reason.

Mental illness was considered one of the incurable diseases previously. It was so because there was no predetermination of the stress and depression in the past. People were not aware of the symptoms. Today, we have got remedies for any kind of the diseases. Everyone knows that what he should do to get rid of the disease.

There are several doses that can be prescribed by practitioners for reducing stress. However, these doses can make a person addicted that is why one should soon stop using the doses when he starts feeling better.

The role of society is important to remove the stress level of a person:

  • If a person is depressed, people should not remind him that he is depressed. They should talk to him about several things, identify the problem of his life and suggest ways to resolve his problem. You should also encourage him to talk more and more so that he can say openly whatever he wants to say.
  • If a person is in stress you should encourage him to socialize with people, share his problems with the close one and get time for himself.
  • If a person is depressed than you should spend some time with him but do not argue on any of his discussion unless you find betterment in his stress level.
  • If a person is in stress, you should take some time for him however, you are not a good friend of him. You should talk him about the things in which he takes interest and gives his opinions.

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