Lesson From My Internship

An internship is a great idea and opportunity to start a career. It is the new challenge and the best way for every student to find out better job as possible. This blog has been hardest to write for me. In this part, I am trying to sum up the overall lesson that I have learned from my internship program.

My internship experience has taught me a lot. I have never imagined such things that I could learn. I was an intern at Social Media Marketing. I feel that my duties were ever-changing and diverse. Sometimes it is very tough for me to recall everything that I have performed so many tasks over the past months.  But I feel that I have learned most of the beneficial lesson. I am going to describe my overall lesson from my internship experience.

What I have learned from my internship

  • How to behave in the office: This is the first step in my learning experience. It is my first position in an office decorum. I did not know exactly what to expect. The environment of the office is quietly relaxed and peaceful. It taught me how to behave at the workplace. Working in the office and getting used to about everything has prepared me about my position in the office. I have observed that everyday event has taught me how to react and handle any situation at the workplace. How to work with a team and how to manage all the official activities. The reality is, the atmosphere thought me a lot about everything, how staff come together and do the right things.  Even though sometimes I have to remind myself to use my inside voice and perception. Overall I feel that I have adapted the official life very well.


  • Build your career-level by connecting people: I always hear that how it is important to know about the industry and leaders. But it is also an essential part to make practices to be loyal with horizontal management and build the relationship with peoples who are at your same career level. It is not important that which industry you are in. So, I make connections with my managers and team leaders and coordinators who guided me a lot in my overall internship tenure. I noted all their skills and expertise that will help in my career level. I followed their instructions and gave the appropriate output of the work. They appreciated me for my work. It is very beneficial to boost my motivation.


  • To keep writing: This is very huge for me. I always enjoyed writing and I have the pretty experience to write blogs and articles. So, this position taught me that I need to improve more writing skills. I did not have must skills that I had thought. Writing requires a lot of practice, and I was not practicing enough. Writing for web content, social media and research papers could be more different. In this internship, I have learned that I have to adopt new writing skills with the unique tone. I have to add some value to my writing. This position taught me that every day I have to write something new, I this way I have got a drastic improvement in my writing skills.


  • Target searching and accomplishing: It is the core part of any company to achieve its goals and target. In fact, it also pertains to every employee and intern to attain its target. It might be daily, weekly or monthly. In my internship program, I read many publications and articles related to social media marketing and web content. I also follow those writers who are admired by the public. I had more focus on my daily targets. I wrote a new thing with new improvements. I try to accomplish my daily target with appropriate feedback from my seniors. I read social media platform to get the better feel about the office culture. Moreover, I engaged with social media. And I have got too much interest in the company’s events.


  • Punctuality in all aspects: Punctuality is the essence of every success. It is followed by every company or office, either small or big company. On the first day of my internship at the office, I saw every employee was punctual. I also have learned how punctuality leads the success and manage time help to get right things done. It shows the dedication and dignity of your work. I delivered my punctual role at my office. It taught me professionalism, capabilities and responsibility.


  • Diverse culture: Culture is one of the favorite things in my internship program. I felt that I was lucky to work with a diverse culture. They had bounced ideas continuously with extremely innovative. I taught that in my internship program there were so many new growth opportunities in writing for both as a person and as a professional. I thought it is the best part of the company, that every employee had a passion for start-up and drove change for future technologies and media.


  • Enhance project management skills: In my internship program, I worked with web content and media marketing team. I designed media marketing flowchart and diagrams in my project. It helps to improve the overall experience of the employee. I applied my professional writing skills in project designing and planning for both team projects internal and external. These project plans allowed me to demonstrate my abilities to think about strategic management such as “outside the box”. It helped to deliver the innovative solutions to the team. I also worked with outside consultants in my internship programs on various web and media marketing projects. I taught a lot to transform my writing skills on several writing platforms.

Now, in the end, I want to thank my seniors who helped me in my internship program. They taught me a lot. I have learned a great lesson from my internship experience. And I will be forever indebted to those who gave me a huge hand here. Lastly, I would like to recommend to all those people who are going to start their internship goals, always remember to be friendly with others, work hard and ask questions. I am hoping that everyone will focus and come up with the internship as much as I did.

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