Essay And Report Writing Tips

When writing an essay or a report, it is important to define the purpose of the essay first, including the aims and objectives. Otherwise, it would become highly difficult for a reader to find out the purpose, behind reading the article or report. Through the goal identified by the writer, a reader has decided to learn, after assessing personal or professional need. Rest on, and it could know about the purpose of the writer to write an essay. At several times, a reader better recognizes the use of the report through the abstract or summary, written at the top of any statement. Or it may read the introduction to know the aims and objectives of a statement. It then a reader decides as to read the entire report, if enough time and resources, or evaluate the results. It is, therefore, it is usually suggested writers design and develop the structure of a report or essay first, before collecting the relevant data, or organize them into the discussion section. It is essential to describe the aim or purpose of a theme first, to tell the reader, as about the requirements to be fulfilled in the body, and the most important issue(s) or problem(s) to be discussed or highlighted in the following sections.

When writing an essay on a topic, and there are a lot of the issues provided to a writer, then a writer could select as the most feasible one. It would be the one in which a writer feels confident to write, and has a keen understanding of the topic. Otherwise, it would become difficult for a writer to collect the most relevant data, and describe its opinion or analysis. Hence, the selection of topic is also outstanding, for which a writer has to keep the pace up with enough knowledge, on several subjects so that it could also write, in the case of given only one single topic.

When writing an essay or develop a report, there has to write down the ideas, as in an integrated manner. It means that there has to be a coherent set of beliefs, liked with each other, or connect with each other. In this way, the flow of reading could develop, and a reader might read the entire essay, in a stream. It has to connect ideas along with the connected sentences, phrases, or keywords, like, ‘therefore’, ‘hence’, or ‘in consequence’, etc. The use of related sentences and ideas is essential to raise and maintain the interest of a reader.

Besides, when writing an essay, it may sometimes, need to write an argumentative essay or a discursive essay, have their distinctive characteristics. For example, an argumentative essay usually consists of a thesis statement or an argument that would be proved through the discussion, while jotted down different ideas. However, a discursive article described a situation or a problem, in general, and identifies the relevant concepts, associated with it.

The conclusion of an essay or report is also essential to identify a conclusive overview of the entire discussion, obtained by the writer. It might write aside a few limitations of the story, or it may bring some suggestions, at the end of the report. However, it is important to notice that usually, the conclusion does not require any new material, to be put by a writer. Rather than this, it is essential to conclude the whole discussion, in a summarized manner along with some useful key points, to be evaluated, at the end and highlight to the respective authorities, or readers.

In an essay or report, it is important to include the most relevant facts and figures, to strengthen the topic study. Also, it could be significant to develop the interest of a reader. More specifically, if for an issue or topic taken as through the current practices or trends, it is important to identify the most current trends. For example, if a topic has chosen as of global warming then it has to identify the increasing rate of global warming around the world, or in any specific county. In this way, it could better raise the attention of readers towards a topic or issue.

When writing an essay, there has to avoid to use slang words, or inappropriate language, that may hurt the views, opinions, or belief of any community, religion, region, or ethnicity. There has to use proper language, simple and understandable English and grab the attention of readers while including strong facts and figures. Otherwise, it would difficult to expect the acceptance of the material, at wide. There has to avoid to raise controversial statements in any report or essay that may distract the mind of society or its people. In this way, an essay could be accepted, widely, and could recognize its worth and value in the eyes of readers.

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