Cyberbullying On Social Media Caused Depression In Teenagers

Cyberbullying is increasing with the increase use of social media websites across the world along with messaging apps and online activity among teenagers. In a recent survey it is found that 47% of the young people who participated in the survey have obtained the nasty profile comments. In contrast, 62% of the people have been sent the nasty private text through Smartphone apps. This indicates the cyberbullying is on the increase. The use of social media is highly common among the teenagers however the health impacts of the cyberbullying on the different social media sites are mainly unknown. It has been found that regular of face-to-face bullying in teen years might double the chances of depression in adulthood. The impacts of bullying could be worse or bad as compared to child abuse. Cyberbullying is the silent killer it increases negativity among the teens that cause them to feel useless and increase depression.

One-third of the teenagers have reported that they have been bullied online. In addition, some victims are affected more as they have taken their own lives comprising the 14-years-old Australian schoolgirl Amy Everett. This incident has prompted the government to introduce the harsher penalties for those people effectively. The researchers have effectively covered the different social sites however Facebook was the most common site as 89% to 97.5% of the teens who use social media and faced bullying had an account on social media. In addition, seventeen of the 36 studies have analysed and considered how common cyberbullying was and its impacts on teens. The researchers found that 23% of teens reporting being targeted which 15 per cent of the people mentioned bullying somebody online themselves. Two studies have recently determined the prevalence of bully-victims showing that teens who both bully further and are bullying. It has been found that kids are the more victim of the bullying and have a high risk of the mental health problem that affects their studies and diet patterns.

Cyberbullying on social media is connected to the depression among teenagers mentioned by the different studies related to the online phenomenon. It has been found that victimisation of the young people online has received a high level of scrutiny especially after the increasing number of high profile suicides among teenagers who were bullied on different social network sites. For instance, in 2013 the spate of the suicides was connected to the social network, in which many users were allowed to ask questions anonymously. The death ratio among the teens who had subjected to abused on the site provoked the that was attained by the in 2014 to effectively launch the safety efforts. In addition, Twitter also recently announced the approaches to filtering out suspend bullying users and abusive tweets. Most of the teens usually suffered the cyberbullying in silence. They are hesitant to discuss and tell others when cyberbullying occurs. It is because of the fear that if they tell with their parents, they will lose their access on the internet.

There is many methods and process that are supporting the individual to reduce the impacts of cyberbullying among teens. The general rule while making the complaint on bullying is that the victim should make a copy of the terms and condition that have been breached and took the screenshot of that comment and take pictures as the evidence. This might effectively prompt any of these sites and apps to take the serious action that has shown them their obligation to investigate and take action effectively.

Parents also play an important role in providing security to children from the impacts of cyberbullying. It is important for the parents to carefully respond to their kids who are bullied online and effectively teach the teens for the use of the safe internet instead of restricting them to use the internet or social sites. The increased level of technology and inventions are supporting in encouraging the sites to detect the filter the negative and harmful posts and comments before reaching to the vulnerable users. The Artificial intelligence is learning to adopt this process as cyberbullying has become the plague of social media.

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