Why Football (Soccer) Is By Far The Most Followed Sport?

It has found through research carried out by Gallup in the US, like football (soccer) by far the most favorite sport of most of the Americans. Around 37% of Americans were in favor of football, as likely to play, participate, watch, and win. The sport has gained considerable attention as much as 43 per cent from 2006 and 2007, in the US. However, if the ratio of likeness to football compared with the baseball, it’s just only 9% people who would like to play baseball. Thus, from 1937 to 2017, there seems an increasing number of US people, like football as a sport.

There are several reasons that football becomes the world’s most favorite sport. For example, it seems to adjust and fit into the psyche of people. It has its origin and roots across so many different parts of the world. Rather than this, the other sports might be associated with some specific country or region, like cricket or rugby seems popular across the Commonwealth countries or Baseball in North America. The shapes or forms of football although different in the past, at the time of its origination, in China or Japan, and then gradually move with some change in Argentina and England. Hence, football does not only play across the richest and well-developed countries of the world but among poorer or developing countries as well, like across Asian, African and Latin American countries.

There is another reason behind such a strong preference for football, as the sport has its pre-defined rules and an organized format. It’s a user-friendly format and rules, as easy to understand by the different ages of people. Also, football as a sport has significantly grown in terms of technology, thus familiar among luxury or “high-touch” people. Consequently, understanding with the sports rule could easily develop by all people, live across any geographic region. Football is also preferred due to its short duration as the match last up to 90 minutes. The time duration is much as half compared to the other sports, like baseball. Also, the number of days seems less, than as compared to a five days cricket tournament. Thus, as much as the short time of a sport, it maintains and retains the zest and enthusiasm of the audience towards the sport, and provides convenience to several busy audience groups or people. Similarly, short duration events easy to arrange, help in football events expansion, worldwide.

The format of football is easy to understand, and it is not specific to a country, language, region, or religion. For example, the form of cricket and rugby seems not easy to understand by people, all around the world. The format of football will remain similar in America, Africa, or any other region. It takes several days, to cover up a cricket event, like one-day and Twenty20 matches. It is, therefore, due to the easiness of the sport, football is considered the most common, understandable and popular game, all around the world, thus recognized its value. Moreover, it is important to notice that football does not involve too much cost, in terms of purchasing the related equipment. For example, cricket includes ball, bat, fielding and the other necessary accessories to wear, before starting the game. However, football does only involve a shot that needs to throw out through the legs. It does just need the most required accessory, like wearing suitable costumes, etc. Thus, there seem fewer expenses incurred, at the time of arranging as well as playing football. For example, tennis also appears to take a cost, to purchase the net, board, ball, etc., thus play up well.

There is another reason behind the high preference of football, i.e. it could clearly understand the time of start and finish or end time of the sport. For example, the other sports events, like athletics, cycling or swimming, the audience usually could not understand the start and end time of the sport, and the leisure activity. There is not such a strong league, applied or arrange for the other small sports events. However, football has a definite competitive structure, arrange among a group of players, and help support each other, as well as learn through each other too. Overall, such dominance of football, all around the world, reinforces all local and international heroes to unite at one single platform. It does also unite all such different brands at one place, in the course of sponsorship and promotion of the event. The main objective is to refresh people’s mind and heart through an enthusiastic sports activity, while promoting products and services, in a positive sense. It is, therefore, football becomes able to cheer up the mind of people, and make up the biggest global fan base all around the world. It will soon expect an increase in the number of football events in the future.

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