Most Watched And Followed Sports In The World?

Football or soccer is the most common sports all around the world while having an estimated 4.0 billion followers. Keep in front; it has considered that more than half of the world population follows football as their favorite sports. The origin of football traced back to China, almost in the second century. It then the Greeks, Japanese, and Romans became the first players of the sport. However, the current form of soccer plays in England first, whereby it was also assembled, plays and spread to the other parts of the world. Now, at the current, the sports seem particularly famous across the European regions and America. There are two teams made to play the football, consist of eleven members in each. Two goals have set out for each group. Thus, each side has to derive the ball into the target, while defended by the other team. In associated with it, FIFA World Cup, held after four years, has been recognized as the world’s most-watched sports event. The 2014 FIFA World Cup became able to achieve 3.2 billion viewers as just only the in-home television audience. However, there were 280 million people watched through the online via their mobile devices.

It then at the second position, cricket has recognized as the favorite sports of the world, while having 2.5 billion followers. Most of the popularity of the sport seems to observe in the United Kingdom (UK) and among the Commonwealth regions. The origin of the game in England initiated the first time in the 16th Century and got transformed as a national sport in the 18th century. In associated with it, the competition has its particular place among the former British-traced countries, like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Similar to the football, or soccer there are also two teams, consist of eleven players in each, whereby each side has to score most of the runs, to win against each other. Relevant to it, the ICC Cricket World Cup Championship has been recognized as the third most-watched event around the world. The event has achieved 1.5 billion people around the globe, watched the live television coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Besides this, the website of ICC became able to attract 26.25 million visitors, along with the tournament app, downloaded 3.6 million times.

It then the Field hockey ranks at the third position, along with its 2 billion fans, worldwide. The most famous sports regions seem include Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. Thus, the sports now become common across counties like Australia, India, and Pakistan. Field hockey was also originated in England in the era of 1800s. The method to play Field hockey is just similar to the Football or soccer, except that players use a stick to move the ball and win, instead of their legs.

Tennis, rank at the fourth position, concerning its number of followers, i.e. 1 billion fans across the globe. The sports originated in France and then spread across the Egyptians, the Greeks, and Roman people. Both the old traditions and the contemporary form of games have been played in France. There are two teams in tennis while having one or two players in each group. Players use the tennis rackets through which they bounce a ball over the net. In the case of not throw the ball back, the other team would win.

Volleyball is the fifth most common sports across the globe, while becoming able to achieve 900 million fans, worldwide. The game was originated in the US in 1895 by William G. Morgan. It then spread to Western Europe, and now evolved after several years of its success. It has two teams, having six players in each who have to throw the ball over the net, and thus could win.

As originated through a pure sports lawn tennis in England, in the 19th Century, Table Tennis now becomes able to catch up its worldwide coverage, recognized as the sixth most popular sport, having its 875 million fans, worldwide. The sports has recognized under the name "Ping Pong" in the past, while it does have two teams, consist of two to four players. The players required hit a ball over a net, placed on a hard table. The ball used to hit along with the help of rackets. Thus, the sports seem popular across the countries, like China, Sweden and South Korea.

Basketball has recognized as the seventh most famous sports, worldwide, while having an estimated 825 million, globally. The place of origination of basketball is Massachusetts, United States. It was invented in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith. In its initial era, basketball has been played as in place of football as well as in the form of an indoor game, caused less threat to its members, in the course of harm or damage through the ball. There are two teams required play the sport, having five members in each. There was a hoop, stretched at the 10 feet of height through the ground. The players are required to throw the ball via hoop.

Baseball is the next most favorite sport of the world, has its 500 million global followers, at the global level. The sport has its topmost popularity across the Caribbean and the US region as well as in Japan. Also, the place of origincation of the sport is the US itself, through which it gained popularity at the worldwide level. It consists of two accessories, i.e. bat and ball, and two teams. Each team consists of nine players who participate and win, through fielding and batting, and make the points. There were several versions of baseball played in the US in the past, since its start in the 19th century.

Besides, Rugby is also another important and the most viewed sport of the world, has its 475 million fans, globally. It has two teams, consist of 15 players in each. It then, golf becomes able to achieve 450 million people, at the worldwide level.

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