Nike Vs. Adidas.. Who You Think Is Better?


Nike is one of the most prominent players in the sports industry working in more than 160 countries across the globe having more than 30,000 employees. It was founded in 1972 by Mr. Bill Boweman, its world headquarters is located in Portland. It has some major and famous brands under its umbrella like Cole Haan, Converse Inc, Hurley International LLC, Nike Golf and Umbro Ltd. Nike is an organization having diversified portfolio including wide ranged production for sports goods, this is also the fundamental principle followed by the company in order to stay near to consumers

Another very famous name in this similar industry, which is also considered to be the major competitor of Nike, is Adidas. Adidas is being in the industry for more than 80 years and is able to dispatch its operation all around the world and currently it is working in more than 170 countries across the globe. There some very famous sub brands that are working under Adidas like Reebok Taylor Made, Rockport, and CCM Hockey.

The report below discusses the brief comparison between the two sports giants, covering some of the key aspects which are essential for the comparison.

Difference between Nike & Adidas:

Both the companies are very famous and well known sportswear companies that have become part of many of the homes in different parts of the world. Consumers all around the world expect some ultra high quality products in terms of sportswear and sports equipment from these two major brands. There is a possibility of comparing two giants, but deciding which one is the better one may be difficult, below are the some key points by which two companies can be compared.

Market Focus:

It has been observed that Nike is always left Adidas behind in terms of market focus, since they use aggressive marketing techniques in which many celebrities are used to promote their products, but on the other hand Adidas has been taking steps by which they are able to shorten the gap and sooner it will catch the Nike. Till now Nike is being able to increase its sales than Adidas but it depends upon the second company in order to catch the Nike. Nike has more varied range than Adidas, it consists of basketball and running shoes and also many cross training products but on the other hand Adidas offers some remarkable products in soccer, tennis and athletics market. They have also sponsored many of the university in USA.

Marketing Strategies:

Both the companies have associated themselves with the world sport soccer which is played almost in every part of the world. But it can be observed that Nike is being firmly keeping its focus in the local market and just stepped away from home in terms of soccer market. Nike Company is also famous for its advertisements that include famous athletes and celebrities and are bit frenzy, so it can be easily said that Nike is the one dominating the advertisement and marketing aspects of the business which has enabled the company to grow its market share.

For example, like in the World Cup 2010 Nike did pull out almost all the stops in the World Cup campaign. In addition to many soccer stars like Wayne Rooney & Cristiano Ronaldo were appeared in the ads. Moreover Nike gave an extra ordinary ad “Write the Future” which was a major hit and had over 14 million views over YouTube. Nike has being emphasizing on soccer since 1990. From this it can be observed that Nike is always put itself in the aggressive marketing techniques which have made it more famous.

Talking about the other sports giant Adidas keeps it major focus on the European market, but do have an unforgettable name in rest of the world. Association with the world sport has enabled the company to gain the market share. It can also be observed that Adidas has increased its budget for marketing and advertisement but still they are not being able to develop a breath taking ad as Nike has always did so.  

Sports Associated Products:

Nike is being able to provide many different products that are innovative and are also very much comfortable, like the Air force technology that was introduced in the early 80s is still very popular amongst the youngsters. The company is now able to revolve the basketball shoes as they are getting lighter which is also done in football. The new Nike Hyper fuse technology helps the shoes to last much longer as they product life is increased.

On the other hand Adidas has not being able to enhance its product life cycle or the technologies are not being offered in the product, moreover it has been criticized a lot on the World Cup Football for the year 2010. Adidas still has to make some remarkable measures to cope up with the sports giant Nike.

It was once when Adidas were above the Nike, when the market had rumors that Adidas is settling deal with the famous basketball player, but Nike signed the deal with the greatest basket player of the time Michael Jordon, for this they put everything on line.


From the above report it can be concluded that Nike has been outstanding Adidas in many different aspects of the business. As the above report includes the various aspect of marketing in which the unique and heart touching style of Nike is being discussed what they use in their marketing ads.

Adidas still suffer from being not able to develop such ads as Nike is able to do. Similarly Nike is being able to provide many enhancements in the technological aspects which have increased the quality of its products, mean while Adidas image was suffering from downfall when their made football for the World Cup was being criticized a lot by many famous players. One more difference that should be noted is the fact that Nike is being able to make it product line wide as compared to Adidas. So it can be concluded that Nike is better than Adidas.


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