Establishing A Sustainable Online Identity

In such a technological world of business, it is far become much essential to ensure a recognized place in the online world. It may be in the form of a simple Gmail id, or a robust presence across the different social media websites, such as Twitter, Face book, Instagram, etc. Otherwise, an individual who does not has such a level of interaction; it may consider as a far isolated or anti-social person. Similarly, a firm that does not has its access to the different media sites, or online world, now remain to stay behind in the competition. Such behavior also impacts on personal success and achievements of life due to less focus on learning through others. A major reason is that as much as a person communicates and interacts, it could better be aware through the worldly affairs, could understand the different aspects of life, and could better experience several different events and practices, on a real-time basis through technology.

However, either for an individual or a firm, it is far become much important to deal with the thefts of the online world, properly, to save and secure its image and the relevant data and establish a sustainable online identity. Also, a person must not involve in such activities, such as stealing other’s data and reuse or misuse it, results in the form of distortion of one’s image and raised legal obligations as well. It is, therefore, when ensuring the presence in the online world of technology, it is far more important to secure the privacy and confidentiality of data.

In associated with it, particularly for firms who have their online presence and does not implement stringent security and monitoring systems to ensure the privacy of data, such the firms usually face lack of confidence and trust from its stakeholders, like customers, etc. It would difficult to gain that trust, again, thus sustainability. Also, it does not only incur the intangible cost but substantial cost too, in the form of a huge financial burden. It is, therefore, it is highly critical for firms to implement strict monitoring and control over its online presence and ask through the responsible members.

When receiving advantages through the online world, a firm could better able to develop communities, at wide. It may be a community of customers expands by a clinic, or a doctor or physician, to provide necessary guidance or suggestions to customers, about health. Or otherwise, it may be a group made by a teacher on Face book to discuss the education or subject related information with students. Thus, it costs less, as well as provides a high level of convenience to the one who shares information, and the other one receives it. It could view the information at any time, as well as could contact, in the case of any misunderstanding or confusion. However, when sharing information as online, it needs to keep the pace up with specific rules, like there have to be no biases or discriminatory factor involve, or the data must not hurt the values and beliefs of any community.

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